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Villages Nature

The Villages Nature concept
Harmony between Man and Nature is the main idea underlying the project, and also being able to offer our visitors the pleasure of living in harmony with nature, in the heart of France and Europe.  Far from representing a nostalgic return to a natural, over-simplified world, or even to contrast that of our developed societies, this harmony conveys confidence in the future, in the respect for nature and its enhancement and protection through human action.  And as such, emotions and feelings inspired by such appreciation for life can be wholly experienced.  Connecting with nature is conducive to raising environmental awareness as well as concern for the future of our planet: it is through a harmonious and respectful relationship with nature that mankind can, indeed, continue to prosper. To illustrate this "cooperation" between Man and Nature, the project applies metaphors, such as that of the garden.  In every place, the visitor can observe nature and mankind interact, and recognize that they are linked, reconciled and mutually dependent upon one another.

In order to develop this concept, the design team was notably inspired by the cultural movements in architecture and decoration that emphasized nature: Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, F.L. Wright, F. Hundertwasser.  A natural world that would be, simultaneously, represented, in leisure activities – through the site's assets, such as the subterranean geothermal groundwater and fully preserved forest range – as well as in the design of buildings and suspended gardens.

Recreational spaces
Over a total surface area of 160,000 sqm (16 ha) dedicated to activities, 30,000 sqm will be built up. Villages Nature will provide numerous original recreational areas for sport and leisure, the most exceptional of which will be the Aqualagoon, containing one of the largest waterparks in Europe and its lagoon, the icon of the destination, both heated by deep geothermal energy.  To this environment will be added, ornamental lakes replenished by surface runoff or rainwater, extraordinary gardens that conjure up the four elements of nature (water, air, earth and fire), an interactive farm (especially for 2-12 year olds), Adventure Island (sport and recreational activities for 2-14 year olds), forest trails to discover on foot, by bike or pony, as well as forest sporting activities (treetop adventure trail, bungee jumping …).

Villages Nature key figures

  • Villages Nature will ultimately comprise of around 2,300 accommodation units (excluding Ranch Davy Crockett)
  • During the first phase, around 1,730 accommodation units will be built :
    • 710 apartments, situated in the north lakeside village, bordering the lagoon and immediate vicinity, next to extraordinary gardens
    • 1,020 detached cottages, situated in the south lakeside village, on the banks of the lagoon and in the forest village.


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